2014 CEDAW report section / 2014年CEDAW影子報告專區

Report content / 報告內文

ISTScare CEDAW shadow report – Legal Gender Registration and Equal Rights for Intersex, Transgender, Transsexual and Gender Unidentified Persons (English Version) PDF  (CDN Fast Download)

台灣性別不明關懷協會 CEDAW影子報告-跨性別者、陰陽人及性別不明者在性別登記及性別平等議題(中文版) PDF (CDN快速下載

Attachments / 附件

1.the content of the official document issued by the JCIC for the purpose of informing banks with private information./金融聯合徵信中心發函至銀行通報個資隱私其公文內容。

2.The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)  on June 16, 2010 public declare: “No person should have to undergo surgery or accept sterilization as a condition of identity recognition.” ./世界跨性別健康專業協會,The World Professional Association for Transgender Health (WPATH)於2010年6月16日公開聲明,任何人的性別不需要經由手術或絕育,法律上必須承認其性別。

3.Alternative Report Follow-up Germany 2011, submitted by German Women’s Rights Organisations./德國2011年CEDAW影子報告

4.Gesetz über die Änderung der Vornamen und die Feststellung der Geschlechtszugehörigkeit in besonderen Fällen (Transsexuellengesetz – TSG) /德國變性人法

5.Argentina Gender Identity Law. IDENTIDAD DE GENERO Ley 26.743 Establécese el derecho a la identidad de género de las personas. 阿根廷性別認同法         (English Version)

6.Human Rights and Gender Identity, Best Practice Catalogue -Council of Europe, 2011 / 歐洲理事會於2011年編寫之《性別權利與性別身份-最佳實例》

7.The text of the notice placed at the restrooms in the 1st Student Activity Center of the National Taiwan University./國立台灣大學學生第一活動中心廁所告示文字

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