2015.11.20 Transgender Day Of Remembrance event

Nov. 20 is the Transgender Day Of Remembrance, all the transgender related organizations around the world get a gathering in this day, to honor and remember all the transgender people who died from the abuse and discrimination. This year, ISTScare Taiwan has organized the second TDOR event with TAPCPR (Taiwan Alliance to Promote Civil Partnership Rights) in Taipei, Taiwan.

Within the small ceremony, ISTScare is focused on anti-discrimination for transgender people, No matter the issue is domestic violence, school, careers and nationwide anti-discrimination policies, these issues are the matters which the country and the government doesn’t comply within the law.

Also at the ceremony, not only we invite the participants to give some words and also invite them to write a few words on the notes and display them on the transgender flag. For the transgender people who is facing lots pressure and discrimination, encouragement and cares from those words is so precious to them, it means there are still people who cares about them.

We didn’t hear the direct violence that happens to transgender people in Taiwan, but there are still lots of discrimination and inequality transgender people is facing everyday. From domestic violence, lack of gender-friendly facilities in school, didn’t follow the code by the law on anti-discrimination protection in employment, and the government didn’t obey the legislator has already passed the transgender friendly bill (on no forced sex reassignment surgery requirement for changing legal gender, 2014). All of these keep reminding us, the transgender people in Taiwan still live in a critical situation with lots issues are pending to better. And lots of transgender people needs emergency assistance.

In ISTScare, we hope everyone can live equality and freely on this beautiful island.

Photos of TDOR event:

(The following photos are provided by TAPCPR)




(Transgender is beautiful, be strong to be yourself, go on! — Inch)




(The following photos are provided by ISTScare)



Notes from participants:

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