ISTScare now accepting bitcoin donations.


ISTScare was found in 2009, growing from a small supporting group to a NGO which working on Social education, advocacy, related policy promoting and assistance services. We believe all human beings are equal in dignity and rights no matter what sex/gender they belong.

Every dollar in the donation is valuable and touching for us, because we know, the donors believes we can make great progresses. By the warm heart from our donors, we work so hard on the responsibility on the social education and assistance care on the vulnerable gender diversity people.

For our donors, make the donations to have the most value is the most important point. In the current situation of accepting donations in NGOs in Taiwan, expect from donating in person, some of the donations will be lost in the most of the cash flow system. (which named “processing fees.”) The fees like that can be a lost in vain for the donor and the NGOs which accepts the donations.

Here is a list of donation methods and the processing fees in common in Taiwan:

ATM money transfer: NT$15 (US$0.5) -pay by donor

Money transfer on Bank counter: NT$30 (UD$1) -pay by donor

ATM virtual account money transfer by cash flow company service: NT$15 (US$0.5) -pay by donor + NT$30 (UD$1) -pay by NGO

Pay by convenience store money collection service: NT$25~30 (UD$0.8~$1) -pay by NGO

Credit card donation: 2.8% -pay by NGO

For international bank transfer, the fees can be vary from tens to hundreds US dollars.

All the process fees were taken by the cash flow systems, that’s a big questions will the cash flow industries will feedback to the vulnerable people.

We are now accepting bitcoin donations from now, to make sure all the warm hearts can be useful in the most effective donation method.

Our bitcoin donation addrsss: 18129HkPNjxDvUDFFCpgGgGT2SaRnmYWyr (You can verify the ownership with

Bitcoin is a digital currency which run by the Internet. It doesn’t need to rely on any government, bank, or cash flow processing company. Any person on the Earth can send any amount of money easily through Bitcoin, without any limit from any kind of financial system, paying fees or facing other risks. (No matter how much you send, the processing fees is acount NT$1 or US$0.03)

You can know more about Bitcoin in the following video:


There are more and more NGOs are accepting Bitcoin for the donation, such as  United Way and Green Peace

For now in Taiwan, you can buy Bitcoin through Maicoin or FamilyMart(BitoEX), the process is easy and convenient.

In the meantime, we also encourage you to make dontions to the NGOs you support around the world, you can spread your warm heart for mush farther and wider by a currency without border.

Our propose is not trying to avoid the financial system or account audit on trying to encourage people to making Bitcoin donations. We are simply want to make sure the donations can be useful in the most effective way.

In Taiwan, on this beautiful island, the rights on transgender or intersex people is facing disregard and huge pressure, but we are always believe, the day with gender equality will come.

Due to lack of English information on ISTScare, if you like to know more about us, please refer to the following links:

Taipei Times – Employers accused of discrimination — 2014/06/07

ISTScare CEDAW shadow report – Legal Gender Registration and Equal Rights for Intersex, Transgender, Transsexual and Gender Unidentified Persons

Remark: If you are willing to leave a detail about you and the donations, please help us to fill the donation notification form for us to process the donation, thank you.